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We create wedding flowers which highlight your unique personality with grace and purpose in every detail.  

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It only takes five minutes to fill out our online questionnaire.  We'll look at your preferences and budget, and then call you to schedule your free consultation.  We will listen to your dreams and begin designing perfect bouquets and personalized flower arrangements to grace your wedding day.

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Uniquely Personal

We personalize every detail, from flower varieties to ribbon color.  We order cloth samples from bridesmaid dresses and other fabrics to ensure colors fit gracefully together.  If you have specific flowers in mind, we can search locally and internationally for your dream blooms.  And we care about your loved ones' priorities.  If mom wants to wear her corsage on her wrist, and grandma prefers a pin-on, we'd be thrilled to design them both.  Would you like flowers hanging above the alter or a 25 foot garland with floating candles along the head table?  Whether you've already envisioned your perfect day, or if you are just starting to imagine how to make your wedding your own, we can't wait to design your wedding flowers with you.

Homegrown Wedding Flowers

Does your sister grow roses or lilies in her garden?  We can help you feature them in personalized arrangements, which will remind you both of your special connection.  Or would you like to plant a special rose bush of your own?  Imagine walking down the aisle with flowers you brought to life yourself, flowers you could continue enjoying for years to come.  We are passionate about the lasting memories that homegrown wedding flowers bring.  Be sure to ask us about these options if you are interested. 

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We want to give your wedding all the time and love it deserves.  We will set aside two full weeks to arrange all the details and bring your dreams to life.  Our high level of service and ability to add grace and purpose to your flowers will shine brightly, but our schedule fills up quickly.  Schedule your free consultation today.

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Wedding flowers by Detailed Plant Design in March 2019

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